From FIF s Customer to the Community with FIF Sharia

Jakarta, May 26, 2012 - How do customer of PT Federal International Finance (FIF) participate to donate people in need? All FIF customer who use Shari'a financing directly involve in various social activities undertaken by FIF throughout Indonesia. Apart from the company, the FIF Social source of funds is derived from ta'zir (fines) subject to the FIF consumers using the Shari'a financing amounting to Rp. 5000 at the consumer's sole discretion. Throughout the years 2011-2012, FIF has distributed the social fund through the FIF Shari'a charity with a nominal value of more than Rp 1.5 billion.

"The social activity implementation is a form of gratitude toward the people who need it for His blessing, favors and gifts - to us. Through FIF Shari'a, the FIF customer also play a role in improving the living standards of many people and financing in a peaceful, safe and blessing manner from FIF ", said Soetjahja Nugroho, Director of FIF.

FIF Shari'a synergized with Astra Buana Insurance (AAB) Shari'a in education field has held training activities to improve the competence of teachers in Sumbawa, Kupang, Bengkulu, Pontianak, Jambi, Malang, and revival mullah training in Indramayu. FIF also represented a program namely "Tebar Buku Tuai Ilmu", where FIF donated a variety of children's textbooks to various orphanages and schools requiring them within the surrounding areas of more than 120 FIF branch offices in 2011.

Not only with other Astra Groups, the FIF Shari'a also established cooperation with various social institutions such as Dompet Peduli Ummat - Daarut Tauhid (DPU-DT), Dompet Dhuafa, and Khairu Ummah Foundation where the FIF Shari'a distributed the procurement of Ambulance Car, Friday Sermon book publishing and FIF Shari'a customer social fund distribution through car service for Mosque, seminars and multimedia-based learning workshop for teachers from schools and partner with honorary teacher.

The Social Fund Distribution of FIF customer was recently implemented in May i.e. Program Beli Honda Sambil Beramal in the form of water well, together with DPU-DT Foundation in Pendoworejo Village, Kulonprogo Regency, Jogjakarta. Besides the donation of water supply, local residents also obtain free health care. 

"The entire social activities performed by FIF are not regardless of one of philosophies, Catur Dharma Astra, Being Beneficiary Assets for Nation and Country by balancing between the Company's performance and social responsibility," added Soetjahja.

FIF Shari'a is the first and the best Shari'a multifinance company in Indonesia. FIF Shari'a has achieved various awards such as Top of Mind Multi-finance Syariah & Most Innovative Multi-Finance Company - First Islamic Multifinance of Karim Business Consulting (2006 & 2009), Islamic Finance Quality Award from Karim Business Consulting (2007), Best Syariah Multifinance - For assets above Rp 2 T from Investor Magazine (2008), Top CSR Award from Dompet Dhuafa (2011).


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