FIF Achieves the Indonesia's Most Admired Companies (IMAC) Award 2011

Jakarta, 9 June 2011 - PT Federal International Finance (FIF) successfully achieves the Corporate Image Award for 3 years consecutively or more familiar as the Indonesia's Most Admired Companies (IMAC) Award 2011 in category of Leasing for 2 Wheel Automotive. This prestigious award held in Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta by Frontier Consulting Group and Bloomberg Business Week Indonesia, is measured according to survey made by Frontier Consulting Group with 2.480 respondents spreading over in Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan. The scope of respondents include public, investors/management and journalists.
Hendry Christian Wong, Marketing Director of FIF says, "This award successfully achieved by FIF for the third time shows people's trust toward FIF credibility and service so far. It’s not only in service, but also the product, innovation, human resources and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)". 
FIF successfully has achieved IMAC Award in 2009, 2010 and 2011 from such Award delivery that presently has entered the seventh year of events. "With such Award, we are more motivated to always give the best for Indonesian people as a form of motivation from positive image of the Company that has realized into the society so far", says Hendry.
The measurement of this Award itself comes from four aspects, namely Quality (service quality toward customers, trust and innovation), Performance (Company's growth, good corporate management), Responsibility (Responsibility on environment and Corporate Social Responsibility) and Attractiveness (qualified human resources and ideal work environment). FIF achieves the highest point based on measurement of those four aspects.


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