FIFGROUP Information

A. Contact
PT Federal International Finance (“FIFGROUP”)
Menara FIF
Jl. T.B. Simatupang Kav.15
Jakarta 12440
Phone (021) 7698-899/ Fax (021) 7590-5599
Email : [email protected]

B. Company Brief History

Company Profile

To become an industry leader that is admired at the national level

To provide a better life to the society

PT Federal International Finance ("FIFGROUP") was established under the name of PT
Mitrapusaka Artha Finance in May 1989. Based on the business license obtained from
the Minister of Finance, the Company was engaged in Leasing, Factoring and Consumer
In 1991, the Company changed its name to PT Federal International Finance. But as time
passed and to meet market demand, the Company began to focus on financing Honda
motorcycles in retail financing in 1996. On 1 May 2013, the Company launched its brand
FIFGROUP. Currently pursuant to Regulation of the Financial Services Authority
Number 29 / POJK.05 / 2014, the current business fields of FIFGROUP are:
1. Investment Financing;
2. Working Capital Financing;
3. Multipurpose Financing, Operating Leases and / or fee-based activities;
4. Sharia Financing includes Financing of Sale and Purchase, Financing of
Investment, and / or Financing of Services performed using a contract based on
sharia principles; and
5. Other financing under the approval of the Financial Services Authority.

FIFGROUP is engaging in the business of financial services under the following brands:
Honda motorcycle financing services. Both new and used motorcycle with high quality.
Multipurpose financing service, provided to answer the needs of society ranging from electronic equipment, household appliances, furniture, gadget, lifestyle products, and other necessities.


Providing sharia financing for various products. AMITRA has been promoting excellent religious travel financing product in the form of Umroh Reguler, Umroh Plus, and Hajj. The contracts of AMITRA products are in accordance with akad based on sharia.
DANASTRA is a brand of FIFGROUP operated in micro loans segment. DANASTRA is launched to answer public needs for:
Financing solution to help the society in developing business. Fulfilling working capital needs such as raw material and business equipment to support productivity of the society.
A perfect financing solution to help the society in fulfilling various needs starting from health, education, building renovation, holiday, marriage funds, vehicle and other needs.

FIFGROUP presents to accommodate the diversity of the people’s needs by always adhering to the principles of innovation and creativity. 'Turning challenges into opportunities' is a cornerstone of thought that keeps FIFGROUP growing.